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Marble Cleaning and Care Miami

Cleaning and Care Tips for Marbles

Many people are now choosing marble stones for their home. This kind of stone can certainly bring extra life to any part of your home. It has a beautiful look thus it has different colors and sizes. Marble is a durable stone but despite of this fact, it still need to be maintained and treated properly. Cleaning and polishing the marbles may sound too easy on your ears but keep in mind that it comes with proper tools, solution and most importantly the knowledge. Cleaning and polishing them in a regular basis is basically important in order to keep them beautiful at all times. Moreover, marble are very porous hence they are very sensitive. Marble is prone to staining and scratches. Wrong cleaning solution applied on them could possibly result to serious damages.

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In case you have marbles installed in your home, it is advisable for you to make use of coasters when using glasses and hot pans. Do not put some things, materials especially hot things directly on the marble surface. Furthermore, prevent your marbles from any spills of liquid. Keep in mind that even spill of plain water can cause to stains and etch. Some kind of foods and beverages are harmful for marbles. Acid is bad for the marble so definitely avoid acid to contact with marbles.

Remember, clean dirty and dull marbles at home in soonest time. But do not forget that wrong cleaning approach could ruin the marbles in a different level. In case you do not know how to clean marbles effectively, then leave it to the experts because cleaning marbles alone can damaged the marbles, unless you are educated and have all the right tools and equipment in cleaning.

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Generally, you are free to utilize a good and a high quality marble cleaner product and clean the marbles alone. But in case, cleaning solution is not available, contact the professionals instead. Marble cleaners to be used for the marbles must be at least with pH level of 7.

Due to the fact that marbles can damaged the marbles, definitely using vinegar is definitely a NO. Also, use a very soft and clean cloth or perhaps a sponge and not a scouring pad when wiping some dirt on the marble surface.

On the other hand, simply call a professional marble restoration company for bigger marble problems. Let the professionals work on your marbles at home and bring back its natural shine and beauty.


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Marble Tile Floor Cleaning Miami

The Best Cleaning Agents for Your Marble Tile Flooring

Marble is a very beautiful stone however this kind of stone is extremely porous therefore it needs to be properly maintained and cared. Due to its porosity, marble is easily stained and damaged. Cleaning marbles is recommended when they become dull but you need to choose the most appropriate cleaning solutions for them. Avoid using solutions with harsh cleaning mediums, specifically the acid. Calcium carbonate is generally the main element of the marble. Thus this element dramatically reacts when exposed or contacted with acid.

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Cleaning dull marbles with lukewarm water is an easy technique to maintain the natural look and beauty of marbles. In cleaning dull marbles at home, just use a clean and soft old cloth, or perhaps a dust mop. Dry the marble floors thorough after cleaning it.

Applying a light coat of wax is helpful but this is just optional. Cleaning marbles at home may sounds too easy for you but it is important to be educated enough before conducting the job. Marble is a beautiful stone and it can stay for long period of time as you long as you prevent them from possible damages. Avoid liquid spills on them. Juice, wine, coffee, tea, sodas and other beverage should be prevented. These kinds of liquid can etch the marbles.

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Clean the marble floor at home by simply sweeping it. Use a broom with soft-bristled brush. You can also vacuum the floor to ensure that every dirt is removed effectively. Moreover, loose dirt can easily enter your home thus accumulate on the marble surface by the people who are walking across the floor. To prevent this, you can put some doormats on the entrances on every door on your home.

However, due to time, marble has the tendency to fade. But when this happen, do not panic! Simply clean and polish the marbles or better yet contact someone who is professional in marble restoration.

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Basically, keeping your marbles at home always in a good condition just comes with a little care and technique. Proper cleaning methods should be done because marbles are sensitive. However, when you choose to use a cleaner product, make sure to follow every instructions attached to it. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the cleaner is the appropriate for your marble type.


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Marble Floor Restoration Miami

Three Basic Steps in Marble Floor Restoration 

Stained marble floors in your home may be required some basic steps in marble floor restoration. Though marbles are beautiful and somehow an expensive stone, it has a sensitive characteristics. Aside from that since floors receives a lot of foot traffic, there is no doubt for this stone to become dull and stained. Moreover, the constant foot traffic could also pose to permanent damages on the marbles. Below are the three basic steps to follow Marble Floor Restoration Miami.

1. Clean and Remove the Stains

With the use of damp mop, gently clean the marble tops to get rid of some dirt, stains and grime on the marble surface area. Keep on repeating the procedure until there are no visible traces of stains on the marbles. Nevertheless, this technique may not be enough in treating marbles with old stains. Spills from coffee, tea, wine, juices and acids are more difficult to clean. To treat such kind of stains, simply make a poultice. Make a poultice solution by mixing water and an ample amount of baking soda. Clean the old stains by using this poultice. Leave it for several hours or even about one night. The poultice will work great as it absorbs the stains thus be able for you to remove them easily. After that, mop the marble floors and let it dry; you can use a vacuum cleaner for drying procedure.

2. Polish the Marble

Polishing is the next procedure to restore dull marbles. Actually, this procedure comes with different methods. First, you can simply use a mixture to polish the marble surfaces. But, in case the marbles in your home needs a deeper technique of polishing, you need to utilize a diamond marble polisher. Such tool can be bought or rented. This tool can deal with the damages, scratches and etches of the marbles.


3. Marble Sealing

Applying a marble sealer or also called impregnator can help polish the marbles more effectively. It is important to seal off the marbles because it will greatly protect the marble stones from any contaminants and substances that can cause damages. But choosing a sealer for your marbles at home should be done very carefully. Wrong sealer applied on the marbles could only pose to a lot of problems such as discoloration. Talking to the professionals is also advisable regarding this matter. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a product, make sure to avail the suitable solution for the type of marbles you have in your home.

Remember that after the marble floor restoration, you still need to observe proper maintenance. Clean the spills or any form of dirt/ stains on the marble if you see some of them on the marbles. Avoid contact to acids such as vinegar. Acid can damage the marble terribly.

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Marble Floor Repair Miami

How to Repair a Marble Floor

Having marble installed perhaps in your floor or countertops could be a good investment. Marbles are precious natural stone not only because they are expensive but they can add beauty and elegance to a place. Nevertheless, unable to clean and handle them properly could make them look so dull. Keep in mind that even small marble tiles with small amount of dirt certainly needs special care and attention. Moreover, dull marbles need more than just an ordinary cleaning agents solutions. But the good thing is that, from minimal scratched to severe and large cracks and damages, it is possible to restore marbles. In case you have more questions in your mind, just contact a professional company.

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Below are the following tips on Marble Floor Repair Miami with serious damages.

1.   First of all, clean the entire surfaces of marble floor you are going to clean. Remove all the dirt. Wash the floor with the use of clean and soft mop. You can use a pH-neutral cleanser to clean the floor. If the water in your bucket become dirty and dark, just change it with new water. Focus first in small sections in order to prevent the floor from drying.

2.   Next to do is to buff the floor. In case you don’t own a buffing machine, you can rent one from local company. Use a soft pad for buffing machine. If you have finished buffing a small area, you can transfer to another area. Buff a small area at a time.

3.   Wash and rinse the floor with a clean mop. Use clean water for rinsing. After that, vacuum the floor and let it dry. For final, use a felt polishing cloth and wipe the entire floor. This kind of cloth is good in minimizing visible scratches on the floor.

4.   If there broken tiles, get a glue and try to attach them carefully. On the other hand, epoxy glue is also an option. In doing this just be careful not to drop excess glue on the marble surfaces.

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5.   Rinse the floor. Get rid of all the marble dust and other form of dirt. Allow it to dry completely and then use a white polishing solution to achieve lustrous shine.

In case the situation is out of your control, just hire the professionals and let them restore the marbles in your home.

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Marble Polishing Floor Miami

How to Clean and Polish Marble Floors

Many house owners really love to use marbles to decorate their houses. Marbles are used for walls, ceilings and floors. Aside from that, you can also get antique house materials made of marbles like tables and chairs. Incorporating marbles to some parts of your home or materials truly add beauty and luxurious look. But the marbles would only stay beautiful only if properly taken care and managed. With properly maintenance, your marbles can certainly last it’s pristine for a long period of time.

For you to be able to keep your marble stones at home fresh and look so natural, you need to know first about the origin of marbles. Basically, this is very important so do not ignore this technique. Such stone was made up of natural elements and with high level of heat. The heat causes the marbles to gain different lovely colors like green, pink, orange, black and white and crystallization effect.

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Due to the fact that marbles are made up of calcium carbonate then cleaning them with product that has acid content could certainly damage the special characteristics of marbles. Acid liquids would likely to crack the porous rock. So avoid using vinegar in cleaning marble tiles and floors. Moreover, prevent marble floors from any spill of coffee, tea and juices. A good way to clean up coffee, tea or juice stains is to actually wipe them off immediately with clean water and soft rug. You can also add baking soda into some parts of water. Mix these two until you make a paste solution. Use the paste made of baking soda to the stained marbles and then start wiping them.

On the other hand, if you want a quick shine just get a piece of white chalk and crushed it into powder. With a wet clean cloth or rug, dip it to the chalk powder and then gently rub it on to the marble top. Use circular strokes and do it very slowly and gently. Allow to dry for some minutes.

However, in case after your effort and do-it-yourself Marble Floor Polishing Miami job, you are still not satisfied with the results just contact a professional marble cleaning company. Get the best results by hiring the professionals. They can restore your marbles at home and bring back it origin shine, lust and look. Because they have the right tools for the job and they know just how to handle marble problems. Furthermore, getting in touch with the service will leave you no worries plus their work is absolutely perfect. You can search them online if you want to hire today or maybe talk to your friends and neighbours and ask for some referrals.

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Marble Floor Cleaning Miami

Cleaning Marble Floors 

Regular cleaning of marble stones and floors could definitely prevent further damages, discolorations and scratches thus keeping your marble stones fresh, new and more beautiful. Basically, there are three main things that a person must learn: prevention, cleaning and removing of stains.

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1. Prevention

This technique is can be dine everyday by means of using mop and marble cleaning or polishing solutions. And the other way is to contact a professional marble cleaning company and acquire their services. It is your responsibility to prevent and protect your marble stones from further damages. Using large mats and placing it outside the door could certainly collect all the dirt, grit and soil. Thus, the mats should always be shaken, cleaned, washed or vacuum regularly. The marble stones or floors should also be vacuumed daily. Simply avoid contact with any staining materials. For example, if you have indoor plants, put some plastic trays under the pots since the pot itself could cause some discolorations and stains on the floors thus leaving dark circles and stains. Any spills on the floors must be wipe away immediately. Professional marble stone sealers provides excellent effect thus very effective in maintain the marble shiny and fresh. If you find that your marble is really dull hence very hard to clean and make it beautiful, simply contact a marble polisher professionals.

2. Cleaning

This may sound so easy but in order to get the best results, you might need to use the most appropriate materials as well as the cleaning solutions. Choose the Marble Floor Cleaning Miami solution with the right pH level formulated and best suitable for your marble stones at home. Good stone cleaners can be purchased in the market, moreover they are economical to use.

To start with, just dilute at least one to two ounces of any stone cleaner product into four gallon of clean water. With the use of the mop, gently wipe the marble floors with mop and the solution you made. Keep on mopping the floor until you are satisfied with the result. Do not forget to rinse and dry. Knowing the right cleaning solution is very important because stronger product might damage the marble stones.

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3. Marble Stain Removal

In order to remove any stains on marbles, you have to determine first the causes of stains in your marbles. There are stone stain removal products that can totally absorb the stains. Using such product can totally remove any visible stains. Simply follow the directions attached to the label. Lastly, consult a professional company if you need a higher level of resurfacing or polishing procedures.

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Do Marble Restoration Miami

Restore and Care Tips for Marble

Marble is beautiful stone which is normally used for flooring and countertops. Many house owners are choosing this type of stone because it can add class and elegance to a property. But even though they are quite expensive, you may not want to hear their natural characteristics. Believe it or not, marbles are soft stone hence they can be easily scratch and damage. The good news today is that, there are simple ways to maintain them plus you could easily find solutions for cleaning and polishing them. Through cleaning them with proper solution, you will be able to protect the marbles from common damages. Continue reading this articles and be able to keep your marbles at home look good and beautiful just like the first day it was installed.

1.   Sealing marbles is important. This is to give full-protection to marbles. Use a special-formulated sealant. In applying the sealant product, always use it following the directions or the instructions indicated on the product. In addition to that, according to the professionals, marbles are ought to be resealed at least once every one to two years.

2.   Protect the marbles from damages such as scratches and stains. Liquid spills can cause stains and discolorations on marbles. In case there’s a spill happened, wipe the liquid as soon as possible. Avoid vinegar, coffee, tea sodas and juices spills on marble. These liquid certainly do have acid content. Placing doormats on every door and entrances at home can trap the dirt and other form of grime. Put place mats on the furniture especially on the leg of tables and chairs.

3.   With the use of clean and fibre dust mop, dust the marble floors every day.

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4.  If needed, clean the entire marble surfaces with a clean soft cloth. Damp it into a solution with warm soapy water. Choose a mild liquid soap. Add few drops of it to some parts of warm water.

5.   Polishing the marbles at home is indeed a tedious task. If in case, you fail with the do-it-yourself marble cleaning and polishing job, it is best to consult the professionals. Severely damaged and dulled marbles should be handled by the professionals because they need systematic and higher level approach of marble restoration service. Deeply scratched and stubborn discolorations on marble should be fixed by the professionals.

6.   If you are unsure with the product or solution, do not apply it to the marbles for it could only cause permanent damages on the marbles.

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Miami Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing

Marble is a kind of natural stone which is very beautiful to be used in flooring as well as in the kitchen countertops. Marble is formed through the process called metamorphism thus undergo crystallization of carbonate elements and minerals. The said process does make the stone beautiful, colourful and shiny. Marbles are loved by most of the house owners. But the marbles are very delicate when it comes to its natural characteristics. Thus, keeping them beautiful and shiny is indeed a great challenge. It is not easy cleaning the marbles because they can absorb any form of harmful substances easily. If your marbles at home turn out damaged and dull, bringing back its natural look is now needed.

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Basically, the job of polishing the marbles can be done even without seeking the professionals however, you might damage the marbles when wrong method is applied. Yet, it is always best to contact the professionals and trust them because these people are well-trained and experienced in conducting Marble Polishing Miami job. In this kind of situation or problem, you can always ask help from colonial company. Our experts are known for providing high quality services in marble polishing job. So if you need marble cleaning, marble polishing or marble restoring services just contact the colonial company. Make your precious marble look flawless and transform old marbles into a very luxurious marbles.

Marble polishing is a difficult task, especially if you are totally unsure to perform the job. But for minimal marble problems you are facing, you can simply treat them and just follow the tips below but of course, the result is not the best as the result when you hire the professionals.

The first thing you need to do is to determine the areas where you need to do marble polishing job. Next prepare clean and soft old cloth or perhaps a dust mop which is purely made from microfiber. This is to get rid of the sand, dust, dirt, grime and other form of harmful substances. Wipe the marble top in gentle stroke, you can damp the mop a little. But if the debris is so hard to removed, you need to use hot water. Poultice is also ideal in removing stains on marbles. Simply make a paste from baking soda and water. Scraping or scratching the marble tops is also not advisable because doing it so could only pose damages; not to mention permanent damages. For professional poultice method, simply call the Colonial experts, we can do the whole process correct, effective and safe for your marbles.

Trust the Colonial experts. We are in this wonderful business for over 20 years.

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Marble Stain Removal Miami

Marble Stain Removal

Many people want their homes to be very attractive that is why they invest a lot to beautify their home. They use nicest materials in designing some parts of their homes such as the floors and walls. Today, many people love to use marbles as the main material for their property. Marble is a natural stone which is used in decorative art, furniture and etc. marbles are available in different lovely colors but white is the most commonly used.

This kind of stone absorbs moisture easily because of its porosity. Marbles are commonly installed on floors. Marble floors have many chances of getting damaged and stained. You can clean stained marbles but what if a piece of it is missing? It is then advisable to hire a professional in this matter.

Marble Stain Removal Miami  Marble Stain Removal Miami

On the other hand, here are simple tips on how to remove stains on marbles.

1.  Lukewarm Water

Clean stained marbles by wiping its surface with lukewarm water. Use a sponge or a clean cloth. Squeeze out excess water before wiping the marble floor. Rub the sponge all over the surface. Afterwards, dry the marble with the use of a clean soft cloth. This technique is very effective in treating oil or water stains.

2.  Poultice

In case stain is hard to remove, using poultice is your next option. Basically, poultice is a material from a powder. It is being reabsorb by the stain. Poultice is actually a powdery substances in a paste form. Apply the poultice to the affected areas and it should cover the stain completely. Leave the poultice for 1 hour. Depending on the result or how old is the stain, the poultice could even stay up to 48 hours. In order to keep the poultice damp, cover the entire surface with a plastic sheet.

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3.  Baking Soda

In case an amount of vinegar spilled on the marble, clean it with baking soda. Simply mix some amount of baking soda with water and apply it to the marble. Cover the area so it won’t dry fast. You can seal it with a tape so that the air will not pass through. After some hours or 24 hours, remove the plastic sheet and clean the baking soda. Use a clean and wet sponge in wiping the surface area of the marble floor.

The mentioned above are some of the simple tips that you can do for your marbles at home. You can actually repeat all the steps if needed.


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Marble Repair Miami

Marble Repair

Marble is a very beautiful, resilient and versatile stone thus it need proper care and attention to keep them beautiful at all times. It is true that with proper care, you can avoid professional marble repair job and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for it. Marble is commonly used to design kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors. Due to its sensitive and delicate characteristics, cleaning them with strong abrasives and acidic agents could harmed the marbles. Professional marble restoration and repair might be necessary needed at some point.

But, as the house owners, there are simple ways that you can do in order to keep marbles beautiful and looking great. Avoid liquid spills on marbles. Spills can seep deep into the pores of the marbles. If there is any spill, just remove the water right away. Use proper sealant to keep the marble surfaces protected from any damages. An expert can give you an advice if your precious marbles at home need proper sealing job.

Limestone03 Limestone02

Basically, in order to keep marbles clean, the simplest way is to clean them every day. Make sure that the surfaces are free from any form of dirt and grime. These small substance can cause tiny scratches when left on marbles. Sweep the marble floor and then wipe it with the use of soft cloth. Clean the spills on marbles right away, especially if strong liquids like vinegar, juices, teas, coffees are the spills. These substances can discolour the marbles. Moreover, sealing the marbles at home is a procedure that protects the marbles from scratches and damages. Sealing is advisable at least twice a year. This procedure involves a higher level approach thus calling the professionals is recommended.

Knowing the natural characteristics of your marble is very important. This will help you archive positive result of marble restoration job. If the marbles in your home were stained due to some reasons, perhaps you may need to seek professional assistance. Correcting stubborn stains on marble is basically highly depended on the causes. Hence, this another task must be left done to the experts.

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Do-it-yourself marble cleaning sometimes can be an easy job. If you have a dust mop, cleaning solutions, and marble polishing agents then you can clean the marbles alone. But before you proceed, wear complete proper cleaning suits. Remember that, every type of marble needs special and different treatment.

In case you are looking for a professional marble restoration company, simply visit our colonial floor and stone care company and talk to our experts.

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Marble Polishing Miami

Marble Polishing

Marble is a natural stone with natural beauty and shiny appearance. Hence, these are the reasons why many people are choosing marbles as their material in designing walls and floors. Newly installed marbles are very attractive but did you know that these marbles can become dull easily? Yes, it is because of the regular foot traffic and other harmful substances that can damage the marbles. But, there are ways that you can do in order to clean and polish the marbles.

marble-polishing (5) marble-polishing

Basically, a polished marble floor or wall in your home will stay polished if not disturbed. Some of the situation that can damage the marble are the spills from liquid, formation of dirt and grime, foot traffics and others. Unfortunately, no matter how you take good care of the marbles or how maintain them, these situations come along. Damages like stains, scratches and discolorations could make the marble ugly and unpresentable. Sometimes, you may think of just replacing the damaged marbles. In case you are having big problems with your marbles at home, always seek professional assistance by calling a professional marble polishing company. They can help thus making your marbles beautiful again.

marble-polishing (6) marble-polishing (1)

Marble is a natural stone which is made up with calcite; mostly calcium. Hence, this element what makes the marble sensitive especially to acid. Marble is a sensitive stone thus it should be protected from vinegar, juices, wine, coffee, tea stains and other beverage spills. Keep in mind that even small liquid spills can etch the marble. Basically, etching is a spot or mark that looks unwitting. Hiring in-house cleaning can damage the marble floor if he or she is not educated about the precious stone. Moreover, it is best to hire someone who is expert in polishing the marbles. Do not use cleaner with high level of acid. Always choose a mild and gentle cleanser for your marbles.

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Correct marble cleaning and care can be acquired by hiring the professionals or by schooling. It requires proper understanding when it comes to the different types of marble as a natural stone.

It requires knowledge and understanding of the different types of marble and natural stone as well as the chemicals that can cause damage. In case you see some negative changes with your marbles at home, you may need to contact a professional marble restoration company. At least every three to five years, marbles are ought to be polish by means of professional techniques.


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Marble Cleaning Miami

In order to restore a dull marbles, it is important to conduct marble polishing. It is basically a procedure that has to be done to bring back the beauty and elegance of dull marbles. But marble polishing without honing is not effective. On the other hand, honing is a procedure where sort of etches and other unwanted scratches and stains will be removed. Thus, it prevent occurrence of discolorations. According to the professionals, honing is recommended before the polishing job.

marble-polishing (6)  marble-polishing (5)

Honing is a comprehensive procedure that goes with marble restoration. It needs the use of diamond encrusted pads to hone or scratch on the marble tops. Old marbles are required to be treated with honing before polishing them. If you find this task too difficult, contact a local company and hire the professionals instead. Basically, marble floor restoration is a tedious task hence it needs to follow a multi-step process. Not only that, sometimes it can take more than a day to accomplish. So for many house owner, who are facing big problems with their marbles at home, they would rather hire the professionals than to use their own hands in restoring dull marbles. After the process of honing and Marble Cleaning Miami, dry all the excess water and solution. You can utilize a vacuum but make sure that there are no sharp edges on it.

Furthermore, it is also very important that as a house owner, we should keep ourselves educated when it comes to caring for the marbles. Observing proper cleaning and polishing in a regular basis, could save time and dollars.

marble-polishing-miami01 (15)  marble-polishing-miami01 (11)

Types of Damages

Generally, there are so many possible reasons or incidents that can damage beautiful marbles. Some cracks, chips, stains, discolorations or maybe some pieces were missing are some sign that your marbles are starting to be damage. A form of damage is not good for the marble especially if the damage is very visible. If you notice some negative changes to your marbles, keep in mind that it need proper treatment and procedure right away.

Leaving marble damage in place can allow the damage to worsen, making it difficult to repair instead of replace your marble steps. Untreated dull marbles for many days could only pose to serious or permanent marble damage. Furthermore, breakage or chipping can happen especially if there are kids in your home who love to run and play all the time.

Performing Your Own Restoration

On the other hand, you may always remedy stained marbles by using do-it-yourself kits and solutions that can be bought in the market. But be certain to choose the most suitable product for the type of marbles installed in your home. Also, follow the instructions attached to the product to avoid mistakes.