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Marble Floor Repair Miami

How to Repair a Marble Floor

Having marble installed perhaps in your floor or countertops could be a good investment. Marbles are precious natural stone not only because they are expensive but they can add beauty and elegance to a place. Nevertheless, unable to clean and handle them properly could make them look so dull. Keep in mind that even small marble tiles with small amount of dirt certainly needs special care and attention. Moreover, dull marbles need more than just an ordinary cleaning agents solutions. But the good thing is that, from minimal scratched to severe and large cracks and damages, it is possible to restore marbles. In case you have more questions in your mind, just contact a professional company.

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Below are the following tips on Marble Floor Repair Miami with serious damages.

1.   First of all, clean the entire surfaces of marble floor you are going to clean. Remove all the dirt. Wash the floor with the use of clean and soft mop. You can use a pH-neutral cleanser to clean the floor. If the water in your bucket become dirty and dark, just change it with new water. Focus first in small sections in order to prevent the floor from drying.

2.   Next to do is to buff the floor. In case you don’t own a buffing machine, you can rent one from local company. Use a soft pad for buffing machine. If you have finished buffing a small area, you can transfer to another area. Buff a small area at a time.

3.   Wash and rinse the floor with a clean mop. Use clean water for rinsing. After that, vacuum the floor and let it dry. For final, use a felt polishing cloth and wipe the entire floor. This kind of cloth is good in minimizing visible scratches on the floor.

4.   If there broken tiles, get a glue and try to attach them carefully. On the other hand, epoxy glue is also an option. In doing this just be careful not to drop excess glue on the marble surfaces.

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5.   Rinse the floor. Get rid of all the marble dust and other form of dirt. Allow it to dry completely and then use a white polishing solution to achieve lustrous shine.

In case the situation is out of your control, just hire the professionals and let them restore the marbles in your home.