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Marble Floor Cleaning Miami

Cleaning Marble Floors 

Regular cleaning of marble stones and floors could definitely prevent further damages, discolorations and scratches thus keeping your marble stones fresh, new and more beautiful. Basically, there are three main things that a person must learn: prevention, cleaning and removing of stains.

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1. Prevention

This technique is can be dine everyday by means of using mop and marble cleaning or polishing solutions. And the other way is to contact a professional marble cleaning company and acquire their services. It is your responsibility to prevent and protect your marble stones from further damages. Using large mats and placing it outside the door could certainly collect all the dirt, grit and soil. Thus, the mats should always be shaken, cleaned, washed or vacuum regularly. The marble stones or floors should also be vacuumed daily. Simply avoid contact with any staining materials. For example, if you have indoor plants, put some plastic trays under the pots since the pot itself could cause some discolorations and stains on the floors thus leaving dark circles and stains. Any spills on the floors must be wipe away immediately. Professional marble stone sealers provides excellent effect thus very effective in maintain the marble shiny and fresh. If you find that your marble is really dull hence very hard to clean and make it beautiful, simply contact a marble polisher professionals.

2. Cleaning

This may sound so easy but in order to get the best results, you might need to use the most appropriate materials as well as the cleaning solutions. Choose the Marble Floor Cleaning Miami solution with the right pH level formulated and best suitable for your marble stones at home. Good stone cleaners can be purchased in the market, moreover they are economical to use.

To start with, just dilute at least one to two ounces of any stone cleaner product into four gallon of clean water. With the use of the mop, gently wipe the marble floors with mop and the solution you made. Keep on mopping the floor until you are satisfied with the result. Do not forget to rinse and dry. Knowing the right cleaning solution is very important because stronger product might damage the marble stones.

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3. Marble Stain Removal

In order to remove any stains on marbles, you have to determine first the causes of stains in your marbles. There are stone stain removal products that can totally absorb the stains. Using such product can totally remove any visible stains. Simply follow the directions attached to the label. Lastly, consult a professional company if you need a higher level of resurfacing or polishing procedures.