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How to Clean and Polish Marble Floors

Many house owners really love to use marbles to decorate their houses. Marbles are used for walls, ceilings and floors. Aside from that, you can also get antique house materials made of marbles like tables and chairs. Incorporating marbles to some parts of your home or materials truly add beauty and luxurious look. But the marbles would only stay beautiful only if properly taken care and managed. With properly maintenance, your marbles can certainly last it’s pristine for a long period of time.

For you to be able to keep your marble stones at home fresh and look so natural, you need to know first about the origin of marbles. Basically, this is very important so do not ignore this technique. Such stone was made up of natural elements and with high level of heat. The heat causes the marbles to gain different lovely colors like green, pink, orange, black and white and crystallization effect.

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Due to the fact that marbles are made up of calcium carbonate then cleaning them with product that has acid content could certainly damage the special characteristics of marbles. Acid liquids would likely to crack the porous rock. So avoid using vinegar in cleaning marble tiles and floors. Moreover, prevent marble floors from any spill of coffee, tea and juices. A good way to clean up coffee, tea or juice stains is to actually wipe them off immediately with clean water and soft rug. You can also add baking soda into some parts of water. Mix these two until you make a paste solution. Use the paste made of baking soda to the stained marbles and then start wiping them.

On the other hand, if you want a quick shine just get a piece of white chalk and crushed it into powder. With a wet clean cloth or rug, dip it to the chalk powder and then gently rub it on to the marble top. Use circular strokes and do it very slowly and gently. Allow to dry for some minutes.

However, in case after your effort and do-it-yourself Marble Floor Polishing Miami job, you are still not satisfied with the results just contact a professional marble cleaning company. Get the best results by hiring the professionals. They can restore your marbles at home and bring back it origin shine, lust and look. Because they have the right tools for the job and they know just how to handle marble problems. Furthermore, getting in touch with the service will leave you no worries plus their work is absolutely perfect. You can search them online if you want to hire today or maybe talk to your friends and neighbours and ask for some referrals.

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