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Marble Floor Restoration Miami

Three Basic Steps in Marble Floor Restoration 

Stained marble floors in your home may be required some basic steps in marble floor restoration. Though marbles are beautiful and somehow an expensive stone, it has a sensitive characteristics. Aside from that since floors receives a lot of foot traffic, there is no doubt for this stone to become dull and stained. Moreover, the constant foot traffic could also pose to permanent damages on the marbles. Below are the three basic steps to follow Marble Floor Restoration Miami.

1. Clean and Remove the Stains

With the use of damp mop, gently clean the marble tops to get rid of some dirt, stains and grime on the marble surface area. Keep on repeating the procedure until there are no visible traces of stains on the marbles. Nevertheless, this technique may not be enough in treating marbles with old stains. Spills from coffee, tea, wine, juices and acids are more difficult to clean. To treat such kind of stains, simply make a poultice. Make a poultice solution by mixing water and an ample amount of baking soda. Clean the old stains by using this poultice. Leave it for several hours or even about one night. The poultice will work great as it absorbs the stains thus be able for you to remove them easily. After that, mop the marble floors and let it dry; you can use a vacuum cleaner for drying procedure.

2. Polish the Marble

Polishing is the next procedure to restore dull marbles. Actually, this procedure comes with different methods. First, you can simply use a mixture to polish the marble surfaces. But, in case the marbles in your home needs a deeper technique of polishing, you need to utilize a diamond marble polisher. Such tool can be bought or rented. This tool can deal with the damages, scratches and etches of the marbles.


3. Marble Sealing

Applying a marble sealer or also called impregnator can help polish the marbles more effectively. It is important to seal off the marbles because it will greatly protect the marble stones from any contaminants and substances that can cause damages. But choosing a sealer for your marbles at home should be done very carefully. Wrong sealer applied on the marbles could only pose to a lot of problems such as discoloration. Talking to the professionals is also advisable regarding this matter. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a product, make sure to avail the suitable solution for the type of marbles you have in your home.

Remember that after the marble floor restoration, you still need to observe proper maintenance. Clean the spills or any form of dirt/ stains on the marble if you see some of them on the marbles. Avoid contact to acids such as vinegar. Acid can damage the marble terribly.


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Restore and Care Tips for Marble

Marble is beautiful stone which is normally used for flooring and countertops. Many house owners are choosing this type of stone because it can add class and elegance to a property. But even though they are quite expensive, you may not want to hear their natural characteristics. Believe it or not, marbles are soft stone hence they can be easily scratch and damage. The good news today is that, there are simple ways to maintain them plus you could easily find solutions for cleaning and polishing them. Through cleaning them with proper solution, you will be able to protect the marbles from common damages. Continue reading this articles and be able to keep your marbles at home look good and beautiful just like the first day it was installed.

1.   Sealing marbles is important. This is to give full-protection to marbles. Use a special-formulated sealant. In applying the sealant product, always use it following the directions or the instructions indicated on the product. In addition to that, according to the professionals, marbles are ought to be resealed at least once every one to two years.

2.   Protect the marbles from damages such as scratches and stains. Liquid spills can cause stains and discolorations on marbles. In case there’s a spill happened, wipe the liquid as soon as possible. Avoid vinegar, coffee, tea sodas and juices spills on marble. These liquid certainly do have acid content. Placing doormats on every door and entrances at home can trap the dirt and other form of grime. Put place mats on the furniture especially on the leg of tables and chairs.

3.   With the use of clean and fibre dust mop, dust the marble floors every day.

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4.  If needed, clean the entire marble surfaces with a clean soft cloth. Damp it into a solution with warm soapy water. Choose a mild liquid soap. Add few drops of it to some parts of warm water.

5.   Polishing the marbles at home is indeed a tedious task. If in case, you fail with the do-it-yourself marble cleaning and polishing job, it is best to consult the professionals. Severely damaged and dulled marbles should be handled by the professionals because they need systematic and higher level approach of marble restoration service. Deeply scratched and stubborn discolorations on marble should be fixed by the professionals.

6.   If you are unsure with the product or solution, do not apply it to the marbles for it could only cause permanent damages on the marbles.