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Marble Stain Removal Miami

Marble Stain Removal

Many people want their homes to be very attractive that is why they invest a lot to beautify their home. They use nicest materials in designing some parts of their homes such as the floors and walls. Today, many people love to use marbles as the main material for their property. Marble is a natural stone which is used in decorative art, furniture and etc. marbles are available in different lovely colors but white is the most commonly used.

This kind of stone absorbs moisture easily because of its porosity. Marbles are commonly installed on floors. Marble floors have many chances of getting damaged and stained. You can clean stained marbles but what if a piece of it is missing? It is then advisable to hire a professional in this matter.

Marble Stain Removal Miami  Marble Stain Removal Miami

On the other hand, here are simple tips on how to remove stains on marbles.

1.  Lukewarm Water

Clean stained marbles by wiping its surface with lukewarm water. Use a sponge or a clean cloth. Squeeze out excess water before wiping the marble floor. Rub the sponge all over the surface. Afterwards, dry the marble with the use of a clean soft cloth. This technique is very effective in treating oil or water stains.

2.  Poultice

In case stain is hard to remove, using poultice is your next option. Basically, poultice is a material from a powder. It is being reabsorb by the stain. Poultice is actually a powdery substances in a paste form. Apply the poultice to the affected areas and it should cover the stain completely. Leave the poultice for 1 hour. Depending on the result or how old is the stain, the poultice could even stay up to 48 hours. In order to keep the poultice damp, cover the entire surface with a plastic sheet.

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3.  Baking Soda

In case an amount of vinegar spilled on the marble, clean it with baking soda. Simply mix some amount of baking soda with water and apply it to the marble. Cover the area so it won’t dry fast. You can seal it with a tape so that the air will not pass through. After some hours or 24 hours, remove the plastic sheet and clean the baking soda. Use a clean and wet sponge in wiping the surface area of the marble floor.

The mentioned above are some of the simple tips that you can do for your marbles at home. You can actually repeat all the steps if needed.