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Marble Tile Floor Cleaning Miami

The Best Cleaning Agents for Your Marble Tile Flooring

Marble is a very beautiful stone however this kind of stone is extremely porous therefore it needs to be properly maintained and cared. Due to its porosity, marble is easily stained and damaged. Cleaning marbles is recommended when they become dull but you need to choose the most appropriate cleaning solutions for them. Avoid using solutions with harsh cleaning mediums, specifically the acid. Calcium carbonate is generally the main element of the marble. Thus this element dramatically reacts when exposed or contacted with acid.

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Cleaning dull marbles with lukewarm water is an easy technique to maintain the natural look and beauty of marbles. In cleaning dull marbles at home, just use a clean and soft old cloth, or perhaps a dust mop. Dry the marble floors thorough after cleaning it.

Applying a light coat of wax is helpful but this is just optional. Cleaning marbles at home may sounds too easy for you but it is important to be educated enough before conducting the job. Marble is a beautiful stone and it can stay for long period of time as you long as you prevent them from possible damages. Avoid liquid spills on them. Juice, wine, coffee, tea, sodas and other beverage should be prevented. These kinds of liquid can etch the marbles.

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Clean the marble floor at home by simply sweeping it. Use a broom with soft-bristled brush. You can also vacuum the floor to ensure that every dirt is removed effectively. Moreover, loose dirt can easily enter your home thus accumulate on the marble surface by the people who are walking across the floor. To prevent this, you can put some doormats on the entrances on every door on your home.

However, due to time, marble has the tendency to fade. But when this happen, do not panic! Simply clean and polish the marbles or better yet contact someone who is professional in marble restoration.

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Basically, keeping your marbles at home always in a good condition just comes with a little care and technique. Proper cleaning methods should be done because marbles are sensitive. However, when you choose to use a cleaner product, make sure to follow every instructions attached to it. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the cleaner is the appropriate for your marble type.